Small Batch Prints is a multi-disciplinary printing studio run by Alex Brovkin, a designer, programer, and entrepreneur based in Almonte, Ontario. 


  • Epson P700 photo printer, able to print on different types of paper with archival pigment ink, maximum width of 13” by  just about any length (roll paper)
  • Prusa Mini 3D printer with different filaments PLA, PETG (exterior use) and TPU (flexible)
  • Silkscreen / screenprinting setup for just about any flat surfaces, including wood, glass, and walls
  • Paper shear with pressure bar, good for cutting clean edges on books and zines
  • Corner cutter that works on thick stacks, good for books/zines or doing larger batches


    • 3D modelling for products for rigs and tooling, replacement pieces…
    • Scripting and automation (eg automate calendar design, convert files or photos in batches)
    • Vector 2D work (eg illustration, data visualization, generative with SVG and JavaScript)
    • Raster 2D work (eg photo editing, halftone prints and colour separation)


    • Epoxy and glues
    • Paints: fabric medium and paper, including glow in the dark and gold paints
    • Cutting, scoring, folding and gluing paper
    • Books and zines: printing and binding

    Available filaments for 3D printing:

    •  PolyLite™ PLA - Silk Gold - 1.75mm - $29.95/kg
    •  Wonder Blue HTPLA with Multi-color Glitter - 1.75mm - $69.90/kg
    •  Matte Fiber HTPLA - Daffodil Wood - 1.75mm - $89.90/kg
    •  AzureFilm PETG Filament - White - 1.75mm - $29.95/kg
    •  D3D Premium PLA Filament 1.75mm - Clear - $29.99/kg
    •  ESun PLAFilament 1.75mm - Blue - $24.99/kg
    •  ESun PLAFilament 1.75mm - Magenta - $24.99/kg
    •  ESun PLAFilament 1.75mm - Yellow - $24.99/kg
    •  D3D Sigma PLA 1.75mm 1kg - Green - $21.99/kg
    •  D3D Sigma PLA 1.75mm 1kg - Black - $21.99/kg
    • D3D Sigma TPU Flexible Filament 1.75mm - Blue - $44.98/kg
    • D3D Sigma PETG 1kg 1.75 mm - Orange - $19.99/kg